Shanghai Baby

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Bobject1996, 09.03.2017 08:40

Shanghai Baby


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Ebook Details:

Nella Cina del liberismo più sfrenato e di unopprimente dittatura, la storia di Coco, cameriera di un bar di Shanghai, che sogna di diventare scrittrice e ama al tempo stesso Tiantian, un giovane eroinomane e impotente, e Mark, un uomo daffari tedesco. Un romanzo fortemente erotico che descrive le inquietudini, la rabbia e le ultime speranze di una generazione che vive come se non esistesse un domani.

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Disanstan, 12.03.2017 21:12

Please reup again. Thanks alot :)!
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Tepask, 13.03.2017 13:42

+5 Rep added and really great job man, this really is an awesome share for sure.
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Crummon, 18.03.2017 10:15

+5 rep for your share
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Theene, 19.03.2017 12:39

Download orgasm time........
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Witioluchat, 20.03.2017 21:12

Awesome share!+5 rep given
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Onthe1991, 22.03.2017 04:32

is it possible to get the last version ?
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Loorthow, 28.03.2017 02:35

OMG! This is awesome! Max reps to you solarx5000.And if any one have additional templates are resources of this site.please share it here.Thanks in advance