Kit gigante origami arcobaleno

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Limsere, 15.03.2017 22:15

Kit gigante origami arcobaleno


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Ebook Details:

Tutta la magia dellarcobaleno in 300 fogli di carta per origami dalta qualità in 20 tonalità diverse. Il libro che completa il kit contiene diagrammi e istruzioni dettagliate per realizzare con queste carte 4 coloratissimi modelli di origami ideati dal celebre origamista Pasquale DAuria.

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Sidied, 25.03.2017 05:49

Thanks once again
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Balle1991, 04.04.2017 06:44

thanks for the download link!
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Exinglity, 13.04.2017 20:04

Looking forward to this great share.
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Awaid1989, 23.04.2017 05:27

Thanks and rep given for excellent share!
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Anded1987, 30.04.2017 08:51

Awesome share... +5 REP added
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Shaden85, 30.04.2017 23:02

Thx for the share. New links working fine.
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Ousballeave, 09.05.2017 06:26

another awesome share. Repped!!! :)
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Doony2000, 11.05.2017 13:03

+5 rep added!
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